Celebration Of Milad -Un- Nabi (Peace Be Upon Him)

A'lahazrat had unflinching faith in the words of holy prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon him). He believed "East may be west and west may be east but what the holly prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon him) has said, can never be wrong". Once upon a time, plauge was enaraging throughout bareilly. All of a sudden, A'lahazrat fell ill. He seemed to feel difficulty in speaking. His thyroid glands jammed. Physicians were consulted. Every physician diagnosed that he was suffering from the same epidemic. But A'lahazrat said, "No, I cannot suffer from plague". Please treat me otherwise on seeing plague patients, he had recite a dua (invocation) for which the holy prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon him) has said that whosoever recite this dua after seeing a patient, shall remain safe from such disease. True to my belief, the statment of holy prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon him) can never be wrong. Thus, I can naver come under the clutch of plauge. Accordingly, some balck pepper etc. was administered and to the surprise of the attending physicians, A'lahazrat was okay. It was a miracle of the holy prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon him) that his follower, who followed him to the full, recovered to the full.

Similarly, during his first Hajj which he performed along with his revered mother, his ship came under the grip of a severe typhoon. The panic reached the stage that the pilgrims began to put on their kafans (shrouds). Like every one else, the mother of A'lahazrat was too frightened. In order to console his restless mother , A'lahzrat said, "O mother! by Allah Almighty, this ship shall not sink." A'lahazrat says that he had taken this oath relying on a Hadith that whosoever recite such dua(invocation) while getting in the boat or ship, remains safe. He then concentrated himself towards the Redeemer of Mankind, the holy Prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon him), with whose kindness the typhoon came to a standstill and the danger was over. All the dangers and caastrophes can be vanished in no time with the kindness of Holy Prophet (Allah's Grace and Peace be upon him), provided the standarad of our faith is such as that of A'lahazrat.

During his second Hajj, A'lahazrat was suffering from fever. As the fever subdued, A'lahazrat took his bath and rushed towards the Haram Sharif. In the meantime, it began to rain. A'lahazrat recollected a hadith: "Whosoever performs Tawaf amid rains, swims in the bounty of Allah". A'lahazrat kissed the Hajr-i-Aswad ans started the Tawaf forthwith, with the result that fever gripped him again. When hazrat Sayyid Ismail Makki, a noted savant of his time, came to know of it, he said to A'lahazrat, "You did not care of you simply for a weak Hadith". Upon this A'lahzrat replied: "Though the Hadith is weak, yet the hope is strong." The heart-touching point is that even a weak Hadith touched the heart of a A'lahazrat to such an extent.