The Light (Al-Noor)

Madina. 9 Sections. 64 Verses.

Allah in the name of the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.


1. This is a chapter (Sura) that We have sent down and We have made
obligatory its commandments, and We have sent down bright signs in it
so that you may take heed.

2. The adulteress and the adulterer, then flog each of them with
hundred stripes, and you should not be compassionate for them in the
religion of Allah if you believe in Allah and the Last day. And let a
party of the Muslims be present at the time of their punishment.

3. The adulterer should not marry but an adulteress or an associatoress
and marry not an adulteress but an adulterer or associator, and this
deed is forbidden to the believers.

4. And those who blame chaste women, then bring not four witnesses flog
them with eighty stripes and never accept any evidence of theirs, and
it is they that are the dis-obedients.

5. But those who repent thereafter act aright, undoubtedly, then Allah
is Forgiving, Merciful.

6. And those who malign Their own wives and they have no evidence
except themselves, then the evidence of any such of them is that he
should bear witness four times in the name of Allah that he is truthful

7. And fifthly this that the, curse of Allah be upon him if he be a

8. And the punishment shall avert from the wife if she bears witness
four times in the name of Allah that the man is a liar.

9. And fifthly this that the curse of Allah be upon the woman if the
man is truthful.

10. And if the grace of Allah and His mercy had not been upon you, and
that Allah is Relenting Wise, He would have opened your secret.


11. Undoubtedly those who have brought this big slander are a party
from among you. Consider it not an evil for you; rather it is good for
you. For every one of them is the sin that he has earned, and among
them he who took the greater share, for him is the mighty torment.

l2. Why it did not happen when you had heard it that the Muslim men and
Muslim women would have thought good of their own people, and say,
'this is the manifest slander'.

13. Why did they not bring four witnesses against it? Therefore, since
they did not ' bring witnesses' they are indeed liars in the sight of

14. And if the grace of Allah and His mercy had not been upon you, in
this world and the Hereafter, then a mighty torment would have touched
you for the muttering into which you plunged.

15. When you brought such talk on your tongues hearing from one
another, and uttered with your mouths that of which you had no
knowledge and thought it light, while it was great in the sight of

16. And why it did not so happen, when you heard it you would have
said. 'It is not befitting to us to speak about such thing? Allah,
Hollowed be You; this is great slander.

17. Allah admonishes you now never repeat like of it if you believe.

18. And Allah explains to you His signs clearly. And Allah is Knowing,

19. Those who desire that scandal should spread among the Muslims, for
them is the painful torment in this world And the Hereafter And Allah
knows and you know not.

20. And if there had not been the grace of Allah and, mercy upon you
and that. Allah is Kind enough, Merciful to you, (then you would have
experienced its hardship).


21. O believers; follow not the footsteps of the devil (Satan). And
who-ever follows the footsteps of the devil (Satan) then he will indeed
tell you only indecency and evil things. And if there had not been the
grace of Allah and His mercy upon you, no one of you could have ever
been cleansed, Yes Allah cleanses whosoever He like. And Allah is
Hearing, Knowing.

22. And swear not those among you who are men of excellence and of
means against giving to the kinsmen and to the needy and to the
emigrants in the way of Allah; and let them forgive and overlook. Do
you not love that Allah should forgive you? And Allah is Forgiving,

23. Undoubtedly, those who malign, unaware chaste believing women, are
cursed in the world and the Hereafter. And for them is the mighty

24. On the day when their tongues and their hands and their feet
will-bear witness against them as to what they used to do.

25. On that day Allah will give them true punishment in full, and they
will know that Allah alone is the manifest truth.

26. Dirty women are for dirty men and dirty men for dirty women and
clean women are for clean men and clean men for clean women; they are
free from what they are saying. For them is forgiveness and honorable


27. O believers! enter not houses other than your own, until you take
permission and salute the residents thereof. This is better for you,
haply you may be heedful.

28. But if you find not anyone therein, then also enter them not
without the permission of the owners; and if you are told to go back,
then go back, this is cleaner to you. And Allah knows your deeds.

29. There is no sin on you that you enter those houses, Which are not
especially for anyone's residence, and you have discretion to use them.
and Allah knows what you close and what you conceal.

30. Order the Muslim men to lower down their sights a little and to
guard their private parts. This is cleaner for them, undoubtedly, Allah
is Aware of their deeds.

31. And order the Muslim women to lower down their sights a little and
guard their chastity and show not their adornment but as much which is
itself apparent and remain putting their head coverings over their
bosoms. And disclose not their adornment but to their husbands, or to
their fathers, or the fathers of their husbands, or to their or the of
sons husbands or their brothers or the sons of their brothers or the
sons of their sisters or the women of their religion or their handmaids
who are the property of their hands or servants provided they are not
men of sexual desire or the children who are unaware of the private
parts of the women; and put not their feet forcibly on the ground that
hidden adornment may be known. And repent to Allah, O Muslims all
together, haply you may get prosperity.

32. And perform marriage of those among you who have not been married
and of your suitable servants and hand maids. If they are poor, Allah
will enrich them out of His Bounty. And Allah is Ample Knowing.

33. And let those who have no means to marry, restrain themselves
until Allah provides them means out of His Bounty. And from among your
servants and hand maids the property of your hand those who wish that
you should write for them freedom on the condition that they may earn
some wealth, then write it for them if you know some good in them;
and help them out of the wealth of Allah which He has given to you.
And force not your maids to prostitution when they desire to live in
chastity in order that you may get some goods of this worlds life. And
whosoever will force them then undoubtedly, Allah after this that they
remain in compulsion is Forgiving, Merciful.

34. And undoubtedly, We have sent down to you manifest signs, and some
description of those who have passed away before you and admonition for
those who fear.


35. Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of
His Light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a chandelier
(of glass). The chandelier is as it were a star glittering like a
pearl; it is lighted from the blessed olive tree which is neither of
east nor of west, it is near that its oil may flare up even though the
fire touches it not. The Light is upon the Light. Allah guides to His
Light whomsoever He will and Allah narrates examples for the people.
And Allah knows all things.

36. In those houses, which Allah has ordered to be raised up and in
them His name is remembered, Allah is glorified therein in the mornings
and the evenings.

37. By men whom neither trade nor business diverts from the remembrance
of Allah and performing of prayer and paying of the poordue (Zakat)
They fear a day in which hearts and eyes shall be turned about.

38. So that Allah may recompense them for their best works and give
them more reward out of His bounty. And Allah provides whomsoever He
will without reckoning.

39. And those who disbelieved, their works are- like a mirage in a
desert that the thirsty one thinks it to be water until when he came up
to it, he found it to be nothing and found Allah near him, then He paid
him his account in full. And He is Swift in reckoning.

40. Or it is like the darknesses in a deep sea, above which is a wave,
above wave another wave, above which are clouds. There are layers of
darknesses one upon the other. When he puts out his hand, it seems not
to be visible, and to whom Allah gives not light; for him there is no
light anywhere.


41. Have you not seen that all who are in the heavens and the glofiry
Allah and so do the birds spreading their wings? Every one knows his
prayer and his way of glorifying. And Allah knows their deeds.

42. And it is for Allah only the Kingdom of heavens and earth and to
Allah is the return.

43. Have you not seen that Allah drives the clouds softly, then joins
them together, and then piles them one over the other so that you see
that rain comes out from the midst thereof? And He sends down from the
sky wherein are mountains of ice, some hails out of them; then casts it
over whom He will and turns it away from whom He will. It is very near
that its flash of light: ding may take away the sight.

44. Allah turns about the night and the day. Undoubtedly in, it is a
lesson for those who have eyes.

45. And Allah has created every beast from water. Of them is one that
walks on his belly, and of them are one that walks on his four feet.
Allah creates what, He pleases. Undoubtedly, Allah can do everything.

46. Undoubtedly, We have sent down clear explanatory signs. And Allah
guides whom He pleases to the straight path.

47. And they say, 'We have believed in Allah and in the Messenger and
we obeyed, then some of them turn away after this. And they are not

48. And when they are called towards Allah and His Messenger that the
Messenger may decide between them at that very time a party of them
turns away.

49. And if the right be upon their side, they would have come to him

50. Is in their hearts a disease? Or do they fear that Allah and His
Messenger will be unjust to them? Nay, they themselves are unjust.


51. The saying of Muslims is only this, when they are called towards
Allah and Messenger that the Messenger may decide between them then
they say, 'we have heard and we obey And these are they who attained to
their goals.

52. And whoso obeys Allah and His Messenger and fears Allah and guards
himself from evil, then such are the people who are successful.

53. And they have sworn by Allah with utmost strength in their oath
that if you will order them, necessarily, then they would come out for
religious war, say, you, 'swear not; obedience is required according to
religious dogma Allah knows what you do.

54. Say you, 'Obey Allah and obey His Messenger; therefore, if you turn
your face, then for the Messenger is that which was made incumbent on
him and for you is that whose burden was put upon you, and if you will
obey the Messenger, you will be guided. And upon the Messenger, there
is no responsibility but to deliver clearly.

55. Allah has promised those among you who believed and performed good
deeds that He will surely give them power to rule in the earth as was
given to those who were before them and He will surely consolidate
their religion which He has chosen for them, and will surely change
their after war fear with peace and Security They should worship Me and
associate not anything with Me. And whose is ungrateful after this,
then they are the people disobedient.

56. And establish prayer and give the poor-due (Zakat) and obey the
Messenger haply; you may be shown mercy.

57. Never think that the infidels may go out of Our control in the
earth; and their destination is Fire and indeed what an evil end it is.


58. O believers; let those servants your hands own and those of you who have not reached puberty, ask leave of you three times-before the morning prayer, and when you put off your clothes at the noon and after the night prayer. These are three times of privacy for you. After these, three times there is no sin on you or on them. They come and go about one to the other. Thus, Allah narrates His signs for you. And Allah is Knowing, Wise.

59. And when the children among you reach puberty, then they should also ask leave as asked those before them. Thus Allah narrates to you His signs, and Allah is Knowing, Wise.

60. And the old retired women (past child bearing) who have no desire for marriage, on them there is no sin that they may lay aside their outer clothing when they display not their adornment. And to abstain from that even is better for them. And Allah is Hearing, Knowing.

61. There is no harm for the blind and there is no harm for the lame and there is no restriction on the sick nor on any one of you, that you eat in the houses of your children or the houses of your fathers, or the houses of your mothers or the houses of your brothers, or the houses of your sisters or the houses of your uncles or the houses of your paternal aunts, or the houses of your maternal uncles, or the houses "of your maternal aunts, or from those places of which the keys are in your possession or , from the house of your friend. There is no blame upon you whether you eat together or separately. Then when you enter any house, salute your own people, a nice greeting from Allah at the time of meeting, blessed, pure. Thus Allah narrates to you His signs that you may understand.


62. Those are the only believers who have believed in Allah and His Messenger, and when they have come to the Messenger regarding any such matter for which they were collected then go not away until they have asked leave of him. Those who ask leave of you; those are they who believe In Allah and His Messenger. Then when they ask leave of you for some affairs of their own, give leave to whom you will from among them and ask forgiveness of Allah for them. Undoubtedly, Allah is Forgiving Merciful.

63. Make not the summoning of the Messenger among yourselves, like one calls the other among you. Undoubtedly, Allah knows those of you who slip away quietly taking shelter of any excuse; therefore let those who do against the command of the Messenger fear lest some trial befall them or a painful torment overtake them.

64. Take it for granted, undoubtedly, it is of Allah, What ever is in the heavens and earth. Undoubtedly, He knows in what condition you are, and on the Day when they be returned to Him, then He will tell them whatever they did. And Allah knows every thing

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