Mecca. 4 Sections. 34 Verses.

Allah in the name of the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.


1. Alif Lam Mim.

2. These are the verses of the Book of wisdom.

3. These are a guidance and mercy for the righteous.

4. Those who establish the prayer and pay the poor due (Zakat) and have
firm faith in the Hereafter.

5. They only are upon the guidance from their Lord and they are

6. And some people buy words for mere playing that they may mislead
from the path of Allah without knowledge and to make fun of it. For
them are the humiliating torments.

7. And when Our signs are recited to him, he turns proudly away, as
though he heard them not, as if there was heaviness in his ears.
Therefore, give him good tidings of painful torment.

8. Undoubtedly, those who believe and do good works, for them there are
gardens of bliss.

9. They will abide therein. The promise of Allah is true. And He only
is the Honorable the Wise.

10. He made the heavens without pillars that you can see and put in the
earth anchors lest it shake with you, and He has scattered therein all
kinds of animals, and We sent down water from the sky, then We caused
to grow in the earth every fine pairs of plant.

11. This is the creation of Allah, show me what others have created
beside Him. Nay! the unjust are in clear error.


12. And undoubtedly, We bestowed to Luqman wisdom saying, 'Be grateful
to Allah'. And whoever is grateful, is grateful for the good of his own
and whoever is ungrateful then certainly Allah is Self Sufficient, All

13. And remember when Luqman said to his son and he was admonishing
him, 'O my son, associate not any one with Allah'. 'Undoubtedly, the
association with Allah is a tremendous wrong'.

14. And We have stressed on man concerning his parents, his mother bore
him undergoing weakness upon weakness and his weaning takes two years
that give thanks to Me and to your parents. Lastly, the return is
towards Me.

15. And if they both strive to make you associate with Me a thing of
which you have no knowledge then obey them not and accompany them in
the world very well and follow him who turned to Me repently, then to
Me is your return, I shall inform you what you used to do.

16. 'O my son! The evil if it be even to the weight of a grain of
mustered seed, then it be in a rock or in the heavens or in the earth,
Allah will bring it forth. Undoubtedly Allah is Knower of every
subtlety, Aware.

17. O my son! Establish prayer and bid doing good and forbid evil and
be patient over whatever befall upon. Undoubtedly, these are affairs of

18. And make not your cheek crooked while talking to any one and walk
not in the earth struttingly. Undoubtedly Allah loves not any arrogant

19. And walk moderately and lower your voice to some extent.
Undoubtedly in all voices, the most hideous voice is of an ass.


20. Have you not seen that Allah has made subservient for you whatever
is in the heavens and in the earth and had bestowed upon you in full
His graces open and hidden? And among people, there are some who
contest about Allah without knowledge and with no wisdom and without a
luminous Book.

21. And when it is said to them, 'follow what Allah has sent down',
then they say, 'on the contrary, we shall follow that on which we found
our father'. What! even though the devil may be calling them towards
the torment of the Hell?

22. Therefore whoso submits his face towards Allah and be a good doer,
then undoubtedly, he has caught hold of a strong handle. And towards
Allah is the end of all affairs..

23. And whoso commits infidelity, let not his infidelity grieve y out
To Us is their return, then We shall tell them what they used to do.
Undoubtedly Allah knows what is inside the breasts.

24. We shall allow them to carry on a little then making them helpless
We shall drive towards severe torment.

25. And if you ask them who has created the heavens and the earth, they
will surely say 'Allah', say you, 'All praises belong to Allah'. But
most of them know not.

26. To Allah belongs whatever is in the heaven and the earth.
Undoubtedly He is self-sufficient All Praiseworthy

27. And if all trees in the earth were pens and the seas, were ink of
it with seven more seas added after it, the words of Allah would not be
exhausted. Undoubtedly, Allah is Honourable. Wise.

28. The creation of you all and raising on the Day of Resurrection is
only like a single soul. Undoubtedly, Allah sees, Hears.

29. O Listener! Have you not seen that Allah brings night in the day
and makes the day in the night and He made the sun and the moon to
serve, each pursues its course till an appointed time - and that Allah
is Aware of your works?

30. This is because Allah is the only Truth and that which they worship
besides Him are all falsehood and because only Allah is High, Great.


31. Have you not seen that the boat moves in the river by the grace of
Allah, that He may show you some of His Signs? Undoubtedly in it are
signs for every patient, grateful.

32. And when any wave befalls them like mountains then they call upon
Allah having pure faith on Him. But when He brings them safe towards
land, then some of them keep to the middle course. And none shall deny
Our signs but every perfidious, ungrateful.

33. O people! Fear your Lord and have apprehension of the day when no
father will be of any avail to his son and not any serviceable son will
be able to provide any benefit to his father. Undoubtedly the promise
of Allah is true, therefore let not the life of this world deceive you
concerning Allah.

34. Undoubtedly, with Allah is the knowledge of the Hour, and He sends
down rain and knows what is in the wombs of the mothers and no soul
knows what it will earn tomorrow and no soul knows in what land it will
die. Undoubtedly, Allah is the Knower, All Aware.

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