The Believer

Mecca. 9 Sections. 85 Verses.

Allah in the name of the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.


1. HA-MIM.

2. The sending down of this 'Book is from Allah, the Honourable, the

3. The Forgiver of sins, Accepter of penitence, severe in torment,
Possessor of plenty rewards. There is no god be sides Him. Towards Him
is the return.

4. None disputes about the signs of Allah but the infidels. Let not
then, O listener, their swaggering about in the cities deceive you.

5. Before them, the people of Nuh and other groups after them belied,
and every nation aimed that they may seize their Messenger, and
disputed with false arguments that they may relent the truth, so I
seized them: How then was My torment?

6. And thus the word of your Lord has been proved against the infidels
that they are the inmates of the Fire.

7. Those who bear the Throne and those around it sanctify their Lord
with praise and believe in Him and beg forgiveness for the Muslims,
O' our Lord; You comprehend every thing in mercy and knowledge, so
forgive those who repented and followed Your way and save them from the
torment of Hell'.

8. O our Lord! Admit them into gardens of habitation which you have
promised them, as well as those who are righteous of their fathers and
wives and children. Undoubtedly, You are the Honourable, the Wise.

9. And save them from the adversity of sins, and whomsoever you save
from the adversity of sin that day then no doubt, You have shown mercy
upon him. And this is the great triumph.


10. Undoubtedly, those who disbelieved shall be informed that of course
the aversion of Allah to you is greater than your own aversion to
yourselves to day, when you were called towards the faith and you

11. They shall say, 'O our Lord, You have caused us to die twice and
has given us life twice, now we confess our sins. Is there then any way
of getting out of the Fire?

12. This happened because, when only one Allah was proclaimed, you
disbelieved, but when partners were associated to Him, you believed.
Therefore, the command is for Allah Who is the Highest, the Greatest.

13. It is He Who shows you His signs and sends down for you provision
from the sky. And none receives admonitions but he who repents.

14. Therefore, serve only Allah devoted purely to Him even though the
infidels may take it as bad.

15. Exalted in ranks, Possessor of the Throne, He casts the spirit of
faith (the revelation) by His Command upon whomsoever He will of His
bondmen, that he may warn of the Day of meeting.

16. The day when they will fully appear; nothing of theirs shall be
hidden from Allah. Whose is the Kingdom to day? Of one Allah, All

17. To day, every soul shall be recompensed of his earnings there is no
injustice to any one today. Undoubtedly Allah is swift in reckoning.

18. And warn them of that Approaching Day of Calamity when the hearts
will reach to the throats full of grief. The unjust shall have neither
friend nor any intercessor whose request may be acceded to.

19. Allah knows the treacherous eyes and what is concealed in the

20. And Allah decides with truth. But those whom they worship beside
Him decide nothing. Undoubtedly Allah is All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.


21. Have they not traveled in the earth, so that they may see how has
been the end of those before them? They were greater than them in
strength and in marks, they left in the earth; Yet Allah seized them
for their sins. And there was none to save them from Allah.

22. This because their Messengers came to them with bright Signs, but
they disbelieved, so Allah seized them. Undoubtedly Allah is Mighty,
Severe in punishment.

23. And undoubtedly, We sent Musa with our signs and a clear testimony,

24. To Firawn (Pharaoh) and Haman and Qaroon (Korah) but they said, "He
is a magician, a great liar".

25. Then when he brought to them the truth from Us, they said, 'slay
the sons of those who believed with him and let their women alive'. And
the plot of the infidels is nothing but going astray.

26. And Firawn said, 'leave me that I may kill Musa and let him call
his Lord. I fear lest he should change your religion or he may cause to
appear disorder in the earth'.

27. And Musa said, 'I take refuge with my Lord and your Lord from every
arrogant who believes not in the nay of Reckoning.


28. And a Muslim from amongst the people of Firawn who used to hide his
faith said, 'Do you slay a man because he says, 'my Lord is Allah', and
undoubtedly he has brought to you bright signs from your Lord?' And if
he says wrong then the curse of his lie is upon him; but if he is
truthful then some of that which he promises you with shall befall you.
Undoubtedly Allah gives not the way to him who is transgressor and a
big liar.

29. 'O my people, 'yours is the Kingdom today, you have dominance in
this land. But who will save us from the torment of Allah if it comes
upon us? Firawn said, 'I show you only that which I see and I tell you
only that which is the way of goodness'.

30. And the believer said, 'O my people', I fear for you a day like the
day of former groups.

31. As had to face the people of Nooh and Aad and Samud and those after
them. And Allah wishes not injustice for His bondmen.

32. And O my people', I fear for you the Day of Calling and Crying.

33. A day when you shall flee turning your backs, there shall be none
to save you from Allah; and he whom Allah sends astray, for him there
is no guide.

34. 'And undoubtedly Yusuf came to you before this with bright signs,
but you remained in doubt about that which he brought to you, until he
died, and you said, 'never shall Allah send any Messenger after him.
Thus, Allah sends astray him who is extravagant, and a doubter.

35. Those who dispute concerning the signs of Allah without any
authority is having come to them. It is greatly hateful in the sight of
Allah and in the sight of the believers. Thus, Allah seals up the heart
of every proud and contumacious person.

36. And Firawn said, 'O Hamman', build for me a lofty palace that I may
reach the ways.

37. (Which ways) the ways of the heavens, so that I may peep at the God
of Musa and undoubtedly, I think that he is liar. And thus his evil
deed made to look fair in the eyes of Firawn and he was barred from the
way. And the plot of Firawn was to be ruined only.


38. And the man who believed said, 'O my people', follow me, I will
guide you to the good way.

39. O my people; the life of this world is only a temporary enjoyment,
and the Hereafter is certainly the home for permanent residence.

40. Whoso does an evil deed, shall be recompensed only with the like of
it and whoso does good work whether male or female and be a Muslim,
then they shall enter the Paradise and they shall be provided therein
without count.

41. O my people', what happened to me that I call you towards
deliverance while you call me towards the Fire.

42. You call me towards this that I should disbelieve in Allah and
associate with Him that of which I have no knowledge, while I invite
you towards the Honourable, the Great Forgiver.

43. It is proved itself that to which you call me, is of no use
anywhere neither in the world nor in the Hereafter; and that our return
is towards Allah and that the transgressors, they are the inmates of
the Fire.

44. So soon, the time comes that you shall remember what I am saying to
you. And I entrust my affairs to Allah. Undoubtedly Allah sees all His

45. Then Allah saved him from the evils of their plot and an evil
torment surrounded the people of Firawn.

46. The Fire, they are exposed thereto morning and evening, and the day
when the Hour shall come, it shall be ordered, cause the people of
Firawn to enter the most grievous torment.

47. And when they will dispute with one another in the Fire, then the
weak shall say to those who waxed proud, we were your followers, will
you then get any portion of the Fire curtailed from us?

48. Those who waxed proud said, 'we are all in the Fire Undoubtedly,
Allah has already judged between His bondmen.

49. And those in the Fire shall say to the guards of the Hell, pray to
your Lord that He may lighten for us a day of torment.

50. They said, 'Did not your Messenger use to bring to you bright
signs'? They said, 'why not', they said, 'then you your selves pray'.
And the praying of the infidels is not but in wandering.


51. No doubt, We shall certainly help Our Messengers and the believers
in the life of the world and on the day witnesses shall stand forth.

52. The day when to the unjust people their excuses will not profit,
and for them is the curse and for them is the evil abode.

53. And undoubtedly, We bestowed guidance to Musa and made the children
of Israel the inheritors of the Book.

54. A guidance and admonition for the men of understanding.

55. Therefore O beloved, 'be patient, no doubt, the promise of Allah is
true and beg forgiveness for the sins of your owns, and celebrate
Sanctity of your Lord praising Him morning and evening.

56. Those who dispute concerning the signs of Allah without any
authority they may have got, there is nothing in their hearts but an
ambition of greatness to which they shall not reach, so seek you refuge
in Allah. Undoubtedly, He sees, Hears.

57. Of course, the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater
than the creation of mankind, but most of the people know not.

58. And the blind and the seeing are not equal, and neither those who
have believed and have done good equal to the evil doers. How little do
you reflect?

59. Undoubtedly, the Hour is certainly to come, there is no doubt in
it, but most people believe not.

60. And your Lord said, 'Pray to Me, I shall acknowledge your call.
Undoubtedly those who are too proud to worship Me, soon will enter the
Hell despised.


61. Allah is He who made for you night that you may get rest in it and
made the day enabling you to see. Undoubtedly, Allah is gracious to
mankind but most men are ungrateful.

62. That is Allah, your Lord the Creator of everything, None is to be
worshipped save He. So whither, are you straying away?

63. Thus, stray away those who reject the signs of Allah.

64. Allah is He who made the earth for you a resting place and the
heaven as a roof and shaped you, then made your shapes nice and
provided you with good things This is Allah your Lord. So blessed is
Allah, the Lord of the entire world.

65. He is Ever-Living none is to be worshipped save He; so worship Him
being devoted purely to Him. All praise is to Allah, the Lord of the

66. Say you, 'I have been forbidden to worship those whom you worship
beside Allah since clear signs have come to me from my Lord and I have
been commanded to submit myself to the Lord of the worlds.

67 He it is Who made you from dust, then from sperm drop, then from a
clot of blood, then He brings you forth as an infant, then He causes
you to live so that you may attain to your maturity then that you may
become old, and some of you are caused to die before and that you may
reach to an appointed promise and that you may learn.

68. He is He who gives life and causes death; and when He decrees a
thing, He says to it only, 'Be', hence it becomes.


69. Have you not seen those who dispute in the signs of Allah? Whither
are they turned away?

70. Those who belied the Book and that with which We sent Our
Messengers soon they shall know.

71. When the iron collars shall be around their necks and chains too,
they shall be dragged;

72. into the boiling water, then they shall be burnt in the Fire.

73. Then it will be said to them, 'where went those whom you used to

74. Against Allah. They will say, 'they are lost away from us, but
rather we never worshipped any thing before. Thus, Allah leads astray
the infidels.

75. This is because you rejoiced in the earth without right and because
you behaved boastfully.

76. Enter the gates of Hell to remain there in forever, and what is an
evil abode of the proud.

77. So be you patient, no doubt, the promise of Allah is true, then
whether We let you see something of what We have promised them or We
cause you to die before, in any case they are to return to us.

78. And undoubtedly, We sent many Messengers before you, of them, there
are some whose story We have narrated to you, and there are some whose
story We have not narrated to you, and it is not for any Messenger that
he should bring any sign without Allah's permission, but when the
command of Allah will come, the matter shall be decided with truth, and
then the men of falsehood shall lose there.


79. Allah is He Who made for you the cattle that you may ride on some
of them and some of them you may eat.

80. And there are many benefits for you in them and that you may attain
to the desires of your hearts on their backs and on them and on boats
you ride.

81. And He shows you His signs, and then which of the signs of Allah
will you deny?

82. Have they not traveled in the earth that they may behold how has
been the end of those before them? They were more numerous than these,
and stronger in might and the traces in the earth, but what did they
avail of that which they earned.

83. So when, their Messengers brought to them clear arguments they
remained joyous the wordily knowledge which they had and what they
mocked at recoiled on them.

84. Then when they saw Our torment said, We believe in only one Allah
and we deny all that which we used to associate with Him.

85. But their belief was of no use to them when they had seen Our
torment. This is Allah's law, which has been in regard to His bondmen.
And the infidels remained in loss there.

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