Mecca. 4 Sections. 35 Verses.

PART-26 (Ha meem)

Allah in the name of the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.


1. Ha - Mim.

2. This Book is the sending down from Allah, the Dignified, and the

3. We made not the heavens and the earth and what is in between but
with truth and for a term appointed. And the infidels turn away from
that they were warned of.

4. Say you, 'well, tell you, what you worship besides Allah show me,
what particle of the earth they have made, or they have any share in
the heavens'? Bring me a Book before this or anything left over of
knowledge, if you are truthful.

5. And who is more misguided than he who worship besides Allah such
ones who may not hear his call till the Day of Resurrection and even
they are unaware of their worship.

6. And when mankind shall be gathered, they shall be enemies to them
and will deny their worship.

7. And when Our bright signs are recited to them, the infidels say
concerning the truth having come to them, 'this is a magic manifest'

8. Do they say, 'he has fabricated it'? Say you, 'if I have fabricated
it, you have no power for me against Allah. He knows well in what
uttering you are busy. And He is Sufficient as witness between me and
you, And He is Forgiving, Merciful.

9. Say you, 'I am not a novel messenger and I know not, what shall be
done with me and with you. I only follow what is revealed to me. And I
am not but a plain warner.

10. Say you, 'see to it, if that Quran is from Allah and you have
disbelieved in it, while a witness from the children of Israel has
already bore witness to it and he has believed, while you waxed proud'.
Undoubtedly Allah guides not the unjust people.


11. And the infidels said about, Muslims, 'if there had been some good
in it, they could not have reached to it ahead of us. And since they
have not been guided thereby, now, therefore, they will say, this is an
old calumny.

12. And before it there is the Book of Musa, a guide, and mercy; and
this is a book confirming in Arabic language that it may warn the
unjust and good tidings to the righteous.

13. Undoubtedly those who said, 'our Lord is Allah, and then remained
steadfast there shall be no fear upon them nor shall they grieve.

14. They are the people of Paradise, they shall abide therein a reward
of their doings.

15 And We commanded man to do good to his parents. His mother bore him
with pain, and gave birth to him with pain. And his bearing and weaning
are in thirty months, till when he reached to his strength and attained
me age of forty years, he submitted, 'O my Lord, put in my heart that I
may be thankful for Your blessing which You bestowed upon me and upon
my parents, and that I may do such works which may please You, and make
my offspring righteous for me. I turned towards you, and I am muslim.'

16. These are they whose good works We shall accept and will overlook
their evil deeds. They are among the in habitants of Paradise - the
true promise which was made to them.

17. And he who said to his parents, 'Fie, I am fed up with you both, do
you promise me that I shall be brought forth again, whilst generations
have already passed before me? And they both cry unto Allah for help,
Woe to you; believe you, verily the promise of Allah is true. Then he
says, 'this is not but the tales of the ancients'.

18. These are they against whom the sentence has already been proved
amongst the people of jinn and mankind at had gone before them.
Undoubtedly, they were the losers.

19. And for everyone there is degree according to their own actions,
and that Allah may pay them in full for their works, and they shall not
be wronged.

20. And the day the unbelievers shall be presented to the fire, it
shall be said to them, You have already exhausted your pure things in
your worldly life and have enjoyed them, therefore today you shall be
recompensed with the degrading torment, a punishment for that you used
to wax proud in the earth without right and a punishment for that you
used to disobey.


21. And remember the compatriot of Aad, when he warned them in the land
of Ahquaf (winding sand tracts) and undoubtedly, the warners have
already passed away before him and have come after him (saying) worship
none save Allah'. Undoubtedly I fear for you the torment of a great

22. They said, 'Have you come for this that you may turn us away from
our Gods'? Bring us then that with which you promise us, if you are

23. He said, 'the news thereof is only with Allah, and I only deliver
to you the message of my Lord, yes, in my opinion you are totally
ignorant people'.

24. Then, when they saw the torment like clouds spread in the sides of
the sky coming towards their Valleys, said, this is a cloud which will
rain over us. Not so, rather it is that which you sought to hasten a
windstorm wherein is a painful torment.

25. It destroys everything by the command of its Lord. So in the
morning they remained as they were not seen but their deserted
dwellings. Thus, We punish the culprits.

26. And undoubtedly, We had given them the control that we gave not to
you; and made for them ears and eyes and hearts. But their ears and
eyes and hearts availed them nothing, since they used to deny the signs
of Allah and they were encompassed by the torment that they used to
mock at.


27. And undoubtedly, We destroyed the cities round about you and
brought varying signs so That they may desist.

28. Why, then did not those help them whom they had taken for Gods
beside Allah for attaining His nearness? Nay, rather they were lost
from them, and thus is their calumny and fabrication.

29. And when We turned to you a number of jinn, giving ear to the Quran
and when they were present there said among themselves 'be silent',
then when the recitation ended, they went back to their people warning.

30. They said, 'O our people.' We have heard a Book, that was sent down
after Musa, confirming the former Books and guiding towards the truth
and to the straight path.

31. O our people! Respond to the caller of Allah and believe in Him
that He may forgive some of your sins and save you from the painful

32. And whoso responds not to the caller of Allah, he cannot go out of
control in the earth and he has no helper against Allah. They are in
manifest error.

33. Have they not known that Allah, who made the heavens and the earth
and was not wearied in making them, has the power to give life to the
dead? Why not, undoubtedly He can do everything.

34. And the day when the infidels shall be presented before the Fire it
will be said to them, 'Is not this the truth'? They will say, 'why not,
by our Lord'. It will be said to them, 'taste then the torment, the
recompense of your infidelity'.

35. Have you patience then, as had the resolute Messengers; and be in
no haste about them, as on the day when they will see that they are
promised with, (it will seem to them) they had not tarried in the world
but for an hour of a single day. This is to deliver Then who shall be
destroyed but the people dis-obedient.

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