The Pleading Woman

Madina. 3 Sections. 22 Verses.

PART-28 (Qad samiallah)

Allah in the name of the Most Affectionate, the Merciful.


1. Surely, Allah heard the speech of her who pleads with you regarding
her husband and makes her complaint to Allah and Allah is hearing the
conversation of you two. Verily Allah Hears Beholds.

2 Those of you who leave their wives calling them as their mothers,
they are not their mothers. Their mother is only those who gave them
birth, and they certainly utter evil and purely false words. And
undoubtedly, Allah is necessarily pardoning Forgiving.

3 And those who call their wives as in place of their mothers then wish
to retract what they have Said, it is then incumbent upon them to free
a slave before they touch each other, This is what you are admonished
with, and Allah is Aware of your doings.

4 But whoso finds not a slave he should fast for two months
continuously before they touch each other, and if any one is unable to
fast, then he should feed sixty Poor people This is so that you may
believe in Allah and His Messenger. These are the limits of Allah, and
for the infidels is a painful torment.

5. Undoubtedly, those who oppose Allah and his Messenger, were abased
as those before them were abased; and We have undoubtedly sent down
bright signs. And for the disbelievers is an humiliating punishment.

6. The day Allah will raise them all together; He will inform them of
their doings Allah has a ready kept an account of it, while they forgot
it. And everything is before Allah


7. O listener! Have you seen that Allah knows what ever is in the
heavens and what ever is in the earth? Where there is secret counsel of
three then the fourth is He. And of five then the sixth is He neither
less than that nor more but He is with them wherever they may be. Then
on the Day of Resurrection He will informs them of what they did
Undoubtedly, Allah knows all things

8. Have you not seen them who were forbidden from evil counsels, then
they do the same of what they were forbidden, And counsel among
themselves of sin and transgressions and dis-obedience to the
Messenger. And they come to you, they greet you with the words with
which Allah has not greeted you and they say within themselves; why
does Allah not punish us, for what we utter. Sufficient to them is Hell
wherein they shall be thrust, what an evil end it is.

9. O believers! When you counsel among yourselves, counsel not for sin
and transgression and disobedience to the Messenger and counsel for
virtue and piety, and fear Allah towards Whom you shall be gathered.

10. That secret counsel is only from satan (Devil) in order that he may
grieve the believers and he cannot harm them at all without Allah's
leave. And the muslims should rely upon Allah only.

11. O believers! When it is said to you; make room in assemblies, then
do make room; Allah will make room for you. And when it is said, 'rise
up, then rise up; Allah will raise, in degree, those of you who believe
and those who are endowed with knowledge. And Allah is Aware of your

12. O believers! When you desire to say anything secretly to the
Messenger, then give some alms before your submission. This is better
for you and purer. But if you are unable to give anything then Allah is
Forgiving, Merciful.

13. Are you afraid of giving alms before your submission? But when you
did not do so and Allah turned to you with His mercy, then keep up the
prayer and pay poor due (Zakat) and remain obedient to Allah and His
Messenger. And Allah is Aware of your doings.


14. Have you not seen those who took for friends a people upon whom is
Allah's wrath? They are neither of you nor of them, they swear falsely

15. Allah has already kept prepared severe torment for them.
Undoubtedly, they do most evil works.

16. They have taken their oaths as shield, and they hindered from the
way of Allah, for them, therefore, is the humiliating torment.

17. Their riches and their children will avail them nothing against
Allah. They are men of Hell wherein they shall abide.

18. The day when Allah will raise them all together then they will
swear before Him as they are swearing before you and they think that
they have done something. Do you hear? undoubtedly, they are the liars.

19. Satan (the devil) has got control over them and has made them
forget the remembrance of Allah. They are the party of Satan. Do you
hear? undoubtedly, it is the party of Satan that are the losers.

20 Undoubtedly, those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, they are
amongst the lowest.

21. Allah has already decreed that most surely I will prevail I and My
Messenger. Undoubtedly Allah is Powerful, Dignified.

22. You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the last Day
taking as their friends those who opposed Allah and His Messenger, even
though they be their fathers or their sons or their brotheren or their
kinsmen. These are they in whose hearts Allah has inscribed faith and
helped them with a spirit from Himself, and will make them enter
gardens beneath which flow streams, abiding therein, Allah is pleased
with them and they are pleased with Allah. This is Allah's party. Do
you hear'? it is Allah's party that is successful.

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