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Muhammad Aslam Mandibahauddin, Pakistan
Its very nice site, I pay Salam to the designers and builders of this site. But I'd wish that there should be some stuff regarding the Terrorism on Muslims which carried by Kufar.
Shahan Karachi, Pakistan
u guyz are doin gr8 job ALLAH BLESS U ALL !!
This is the only site I have ever seen about Islam with such information about Islam. I am very thankfull to you to make such a brilliant site.
Shujaat Karachi, Pakistan

A great site plus very well maintained, have a word about it spread on the net,, and u would see the results, good job!

Fatima Karachi, Pakistan
very well designed site...good work done by the designers....u have done a gr8 job...keep it up...n continue in spreading islam
SK Karachi, Pakistan
Assalam-O-Alaikum, It is a very good effort to collect nice quotes and Hadiths and much more related to Islam.
HAMID IQBAL BUTT Faisalabad, Pakistan
With the blessing of Allah hope you will more improve & work hard keep it up..Ameen
SHOAIB QAISER Pakistan, Lahore
Its more than a great site and I hope through this v all can especially the new generation can learn about our religion easily and i wish all the people including in such group a very healthy sing of prosperity.
Ibadat Pakistan
Your site is very good n knowledgeable try to more work hard best of luck
Azim Khan India
Your site was very good for Muslims please prays for me and my family.
Ashraf Ali Khan Mysore, Karnataka, India
The site is really full of knowledge about Islam.
Ayesha Khalil Lahore, Pakistan
AOne of my niece send me an email through this web site and ask me to visit this I realy liked it very much and appreciate ur good work, please keep it up,allah hafiz
Siddra N.Y. America
hi, i think its a marvelous site, and really cool as well. i have never visit such a great Islamic site./ keep it up. wish u good luck in every part of your life.
Farooq Pakistan
Your site is very good for Muslims. Try to work hard and get more things in your site.
Mushir Harrison NJ, USA
I have found the and going through the contents and hope I will find material upto my satisfaction.
Farrukh Karachi, Pakistan
Good site and also more knowledgeable site about Islam.
Mohammad Ahsaan Ibrahim Karachi, Pakistan
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