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Mohammad Ali Pervez Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Assalm-u-Alaikum,It is an excellent work that you are doing for Islam and Muslims of the world. Mar Allah Almighty help you to keep it continuous. Kindly add Durood e Ibrahimi in the Durood collection.
Muhammad Arsalan Aamer Karachi, Pakistan
Assalam-u-Alaikum, I am very glad in that prosper sense that the team of this website & the people's interest is a lot MashAllah se towards our pure religion that's y they are AlhamdulilLah summa AlhamdulilLah getting sawaab by getting religious material from it .... I must congratulate True Islam Team To make this kind of website & to other all member's also !!!!! InshAllah this website will make a chain of universal brotherhood & will get different people of the world into the pure fold's of ISLAM. AmeeeeeeeeN ! Sum Ameeeeeeeen!
Syed Shah Bermingham, England
Assalm-u-Alaikum,to all my brothers and sisters.
This site is great Mahshallah, Inshahallah you have got alot of suab for showing how much you care about ur religon this website has made me a much better muslim, it has made me do alot of good things such as....5 times namaze,zakat,strictly no listening to music. I am very proud of my religon now thanks to this website. May allah make you live long, ameen.Asalamualaikum brothers n sisters.
This is a great site Mahshahallah, this is very good to put alot of effort into our religon. You brothers are gettin alot of suab inshahallah. This website has made me a 5 times namaze. Now that i have seen this website i listen to naats instead of songs.I am very greatful. May allah make you live long for making me a better muslim. Ameem. Asalamualakum brothers and sisters.
I am very greatful.
Sheema Toronto, Canada
Thank you for keeping us informed about the important days and DUAS.
AAMIR SHAHZAD Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Assalm-u-Alaikum, I am impressed by your best service also and have always got very clear and far sighted and wise answers from you. I am happy about this site and get very important knowledge with best information and most beautiful Islamic pictures. And I am Waiting for Naat collection and ramdhan special.
Saba Khan Karachi, Pakistan
Assalm-u-Alaikum, Mujhay Umeed hai aap sahb log khairait say hogay mein bhe khairait say hoon yeh web site bohut aci hai is kijitni Tareef ki ja witni kam hai ok allah hafiz
Amber Latif Karachi, Pakistan
Assalam u alaikum I gone through this whole website it is just tremendous I should salute to you all the team of that website but I like to suggest that kindly add Quranic Surat and it translation i think that would be a very precious addition Allah ke Hawaley.
Muhammad Rafique Attari Mumbai (Bombay), India
Assalam u alaikum warehmatullah wabaraqatuh there r lots of knowledge on your website may ALLAH Azzawajall accept your good deeds in the wasila of our beloved aqa sallalahualaihiwasallam aameen ALLAHUMMA aameeen
Anwar Sadiq Chicago, USA
Assalam-o-Alaikum, Heartiest greetings to take this initiative. InshAllah the whole mankind will benefit from our great religion. ISLAM. Jazk-Allah Khair.
Mustafa Beijing, China
Assalam-u-Alaikum This is one of the best websites in those of AHLESUNNAT and you have really provided enormous matter in Fatawa and other sections and I am impressed by your best service also and have always got very clear and far sighted and wise answers from you. You are really doing a GREAT JOB PLEASE REMEMBER ME IN DUAS. WASSALAM.
Sister USA
Assalam-u-Alaikum, Masha ALLAH yeh website bohat Achi hai, Mujhy achi lagthi hai. Every Islamic webs is beautiful. Dua mian yaad hum sab ko. ALLAH tala app sab ko ajaar day Ameen.Allah hafiz.
Faiza Annapolis, America
Aslam-o-Alikum:I am happy that these people are trying to give Islamic knowledge to those who are in Non-Muslim Country. Unfortunatly to many people get forget when they came in America that they are Muslims. They just do like Non-Muslims. So this is the best way to keep reminding them. I m so happy about this web site, It gives every information about everything. God bless those who took this step. And getting sawab!
Tahseen Muhammad Khan Karachi, Pakistan
I am geting help from your site please keep-it-up, and Salam all your team member and viewer. ...... Dear Munir, Web site bananay kayliye app Training CD Kharidlo jis nam haiy "WebPage Desining & Hosting in Urdu" Rainbow say mil jaiygi.
SH. ADEEL AHMAD Lahore, Pakistan
Beauties of nature made by Almighty Allah is a joy forever!
Muneer Karachi, Pakistan
Assalam-u-Alaikum aap ki site MashAllah Achi Hai Muhje islamic sites Banani hai muhje tareka batadin. Aap ka Ahsan mand rahon ga.
Sajid Karachi, Pakistan
Assalam-u-Alaikum! sab se pahle main aap ki poori team ko khubsurat making karn par mubarak bad hu ..main ek islamic site bae hai main chata hu ki aap mere sites submit kare allah hafeez.
Hüseyin Antalya, TURKEY
ESSELAMÜ ALEYKÜM SUNNI brothers and sisters I belýeve that everybody must learn Sunni belef it is only right way that goes Paradise I AM WAITING FOR YOUR E-MAILS because we should avoid to bad friends(ahl-al bid'a) WASSALAM
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