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Usman Lahore/Pakistan
Good! (for all the Muslims)
Muhammad Shahid Faisalabad/Pakistan
It is very interesting site for every person who want to learn Islam and want to get more and more information about Islam and its basics completely.
Shaikh Ateeq ur Rehman Lahore/Pakistan
This is very informative site about Islam I personally like such sites.
Abdul Rauf Lahore/Pakistan
Lovly webSite!Good for All the Muslims
This is a very good site fore peoples. I like it very much.
BobBy Bhakkar/Pakistan
AssAlAm-O-Alikum, I resive ur mail and i vist ur site its very nice islaamic site but if u are add naats then it will more nice site so plz add naat in ur site. <(_|_)| HAFIZ
Basheer Bangalore/India
It is very use full for islam and all, so i like this web site.
Sadaf Karachi/Pakistan
Its simply a gr8 site 2 influence the Muslims.
Mohammad Wasil Saeed Karachi/Pakistan
I am very Happy to see this Islamic Web site, help of this web site we (Muslim Community) can clear all discrepancies about Islam for all the people of World.
Now all worlds say that Muslim is Extremist but this is wrong concept about Muslims and Islam. Thanks.
Mrs. Tarik Khan Vancouver/Canada
Many thanks to all who have put their efforts to provide us with such huge knowledge.
Adnan Karachi/Pakistan
Assal-o-Alikum to all: This website is very beautiful. I like this website very much . Wish u all the best. ALLAH HAFIZ.
SYED RAZA ABBAS Rawalpindi/Pakistan
Hi, Dear Friends, I am Raza abbas from Rawalpindi (Pakistan). I am working in PE & ITS (Pvt) Ltd as Web Developer. This is very best site for every muslim brother and sister.I like very much please this type more website links plz forward to me via: email(razaabbas4u@yahoo.com)
Please include some more pictures/wallpapers of Islamic places and if possible then screen savers.U may like to visit our websites.
Kaleem Raza Gujrat/Pakistan
I love trueislam.info and i love dawateislami vare good Allha ap ke ya koshsh kabul farma.
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah wabarakatuhu I check ur web site and i like it very much.May Allah Jalle Shanuhhu give u the Jaza e Khair. (Wassalam)
Samina Karachi/Pakistan
app ki islamic mailz boht achi hoti hain is say bohat malomat milti hai khuda app ko jazaiy kher day ameen.
Syed Haider Abbas Karachi/Pakistan
Assalam-o-alikum, nice chenal.
Saba Manchester/England
This web site is very nice, its give us lot of information about Islam, I like that.
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